• Rev. Dr. Isaac Paintsil. Senior Pastor
    Pastor Dr. Cynthia Paintsil Executive Pastor

    DRS. ISAAC AND CYNTHIA PAINTSILSenior and Executive Pastors

    Dr. Isaac Paintsil and his wife, Dr. Cynthia, together form a powerful pastor couple at Christ’s Oasis Ministries.

    He holds the position of Senior Pastor of this growing ministry while she is the Resident Pastor of the Chicago campus. They are both passionate about building a foundation that generations to come can confidently build upon.

    As ministers of Jesus Christ, The Paintsils have been sent with a message of God’s grace to produce not only spiritual freedom but economic emancipation as well. He is often characterized by his tireless fortitude and apostolic disposition. They have four beautiful children.

  • Pastor Rachel Martinez

    Pastor Rachel Martinez

    Rachel was born in Togo, West Africa, on January 13th, 1966 to Mr. Benoit Victor Gnassounou and Eugenie Cunègonde Agossa. She had her primary and secondary education in Togo, graduating with a distinguished high school diploma. Rachel was born again into the body of Christ in 1999 and was baptized by immersion in 2000. In the same year, Rachel moved to the United States and her deep love for God led her to Christ’s Oasis Ministries.

    In 2003, she became a member and has served faithfully as an Usher, an Intercessor, a Prayer Warrior, a Praise Dancer and many more. Rachel prides in evangelizing the world; and together with her husband, Pastor Fermin Alberto Martinez and other members of Ministerios Oasis de Cristo, the Spanish branch of Christ’s Oasis Ministries which she co-pastors have brought many people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. In 2017, Rachel graduated from the Oasis School of Ministry and is also an alumnus of the Morris Cerullo School of Ministry.

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  • Pastor Charles Amaning

    Pastor Charles Amaning

    Pastor Charles Amaning, has served as the resident pastor for the West campus of Christ’s Oasis Ministries for the past 16 years from January 2004 to present day. Prior to that, he had obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, Kumasi, Ghana, after which he pursued further studies in the United Kingdom at the CII College of Insurance in, Sevenoaks, Kent. During his eight year stay in the United Kingdom he was mentored by Bishop Henry Kontor; at whose direction he pursued church based community development at the Institute for Community and Development Studies in association with the University of Westminster. During that period, he was ordained as a Church & Community Participating Dean for the London borough of Newham.

    Pastor Charles is certainly a shepherd at heart and absolutely passionate about the theological subject of Christology. He has always worked tirelessly to feed the flock with the pure word of God. His drive to be the full package pastor coupled with his gifts of raising up and mentoring the next generation of ministers as well as community building among church members is what makes him one of the precious gifts God has given to the Oasis Ministries and the Kingdom. He has a warm-hearted personality; he is a people’s person and works tirelessly to meet the needs of the flock committed to his trust both in times of distress and in their moments of joy.

    He and his beautiful wife Mrs. Shirley Amaning, are the proud parents of four children.

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  • Pastor KK Odeluga

    Apostle Kanayo K. Odeluga

    Kanayo K. Odeluga. MD.MPH is a practicing physician who currently serves as Campus Pastor at the Oasis Tabernacle of Christ Oasis Ministries. He is a well-respected community leader, activist, intellectual, and philanthropist.

    He and his wife, Chinyere I. Odeluga MD, a family physician and partner in ministry, reside in South Holland, Illinois with their 5 children where they volunteer and serve in various community organizations. Ever hungry to bridge the gap dividing cultures and peoples, he loves to present God’s people with their divine interconnection to their earthly and spiritual heritage from their human and spiritual forefathers.

  • Pastor Obed Owusu

    Pastor Obed Owusu

    Pastor Obed Owusu is an associate pastor at the Chicago campus. He and his wife, Tsegho, have three beautiful children and are fully invested in the work of family building at Oasis.
    Pastor Obed firmly believes in the responsibility of the church to help people make it in life – over any personal struggles or foibles the people may have.
    He and his wife are currently overseeing the new Christ’s Oasis outpost in Gaborone, Botswana.

  • Pastor Tshegofatso Owusu

    Pastor Tshegofatso Owusu

    Pastor Tshegofatso was ordained into ministry in 2018. She and her husband, Obed, courageously followed the call of the Lord and relocated to Africa, where they are currently heading Oasis Botswana Gaborone. They believe in the transformational power of the gospel of Jesus Christ and as such joyfully give themselves over to the work of the Lord. They are the proud parents of three boys Gabriel, Caleb, and Seth.

  • Pastor Rhoda Dibie

    Pastor Rhoda Dibie

    Pastor Rhoda Dibie has been pastoring since her college days and is as dynamic as they come. She is the co-pastor of the South Campus (The Oasis Tabernacle) of Christ’s Oasis Ministries.

    She and her husband, Dr. Azuka Dibie, have seen God do amazing things (notably: their three amazing miracle children – two of whom came as twins!) and are poised to tell you that Jehovah is ready to do amazing things for you too.

  • Pastor Sadik Aboagye


    Pastor Sadik Aboagye was born and raised in a Muslim family of seven children to Mr. Sadik and Mrs. Mariam Aboagye. He was converted to Christianity in April 2004. After receiving Christ, he has been a devoted and dynamic man of God who challenges believers to life-changing results and character building through open-hearted preaching and teaching. With a highly inquisitive mind, he consistently demonstrates an ability to analyze complex concepts in the word of God and explain them in an easily comprehensible manner that has empowered and continues to equip God’s people to fulfill their destinies.

    Pastor Sadik demonstrates a passion to dive into God’s Word to provide highly useful counsel to his colleagues and congregation. He stands out as an individual of impeccable integrity and brilliance. He is highly motivated and always strives for excellence, which in turn inspires God’s people and others around him. He is hardworking, tireless, personable, and highly dedicated to the things of God. He creates genuine connections with people to help them grow, generously sharing from his personal struggles and success.

    Pastor Sadik, in 2007, began his religious and academic educational journey at the Trinity International University, Deerfield IL and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield IL, where he received: A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Christian Ministry: Pastoral Leadership in 2010; and a Master of Arts in Counseling Ministry: Pastoral Counseling in 2013, respectively. He received a certificate as a lay marriage counselor in 2011, is a graduate of Oasis School of Ministry in 2017, and in May 2018, a certificate in Addiction Counseling and Treatment at College of Lake County, IL.

    Pastor Sadik has served in different capacities in ministry at Christ’s Oasis Ministries, such as an usher, transportation minister, youth and young adult pastor, and prayer director. Concurrently, he and his wife Linda, “partner in success,” with their blessed son, Judah, and daughter, Zara, are the leading light of Christ Oasis Ministries, North Campus in the northern part of Chicago, IL. He is also working with the Lake County Health Department in Waukegan, IL as an Addictions Counselor. Pastor Sadik’s favorite Word is, “But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day” Proverbs 4:18.

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  • Pastor Linda Aboagye

    Pastor Linda Aboagye

    Lady Pastor Linda Obeng Aboagye serves alongside her husband in the North Campus of Christ’s Oasis Ministries. Lady Linda currently holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and is professionally employed as an Emergency Room Nurse in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago. She is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Family Nurse Practice.

    Lady Linda was born into the church and as a result got introduced to Christianity at a very early age without spiritual intimacy and a thorough understanding of knowing God on a personal level. As she would affectionately put it, her true birth occurred in 2003 when she finally had the privilege of personally accepting Christ into her life. Her desire and passion to serve and know God’s will for her life rekindled when she joined the Oasis Family in 2004. By God’s Grace, she has served in different capacities in Ministry: Hospitality, Ushering, Prayer, Evangelism and Music. She strongly believes that a life that is wholly dedicated and available to God, becomes a useful instrument for great exploits. Through these ministries, Lady Linda learned and continues to learn
    that serving in obedience, perseverance, and patience contributes to personal growth and ministerial stability. Lady Linda met and got married to her husband Sadik Aboagye in Christ’s Oasis Ministries. Together, they have 2 miracle children after having overcome four painful miscarriages. Judah, their 6 year-old son and Zara, 2 year-old daughter are a proof of God’s faithfulness. Lady Linda and her husband are known for their mountain-moving faith through Gods Word. They believe that the Word of God works, so therefore faith in the Word of God will work at all cost. She and her husband also believe that when you take delight in Godls business and make it your priority, God will in turn make your business His delight and priority. This understanding propelled them in the
    early stages of their Christian walk to spearhead a vibrant Care Group in their abode where many noble men and women received spiritual nourishment through prayer and the study of the Word. Lady Linda received a Certification in Lay Marriage Counseling in 2011; she is also a graduate of Oasis School of Ministry in 2017.

    Lady Linda also carries a portfolio as Vice President of Oasis Ladies of Grace (0.L.0.G) Women’s Ministry, Campus OLOG President, and Praise & Worship leader of Christ’s Oasis Ministries, North Campus. Lady Linda and her husband Sadik Aboagye received the challenge and the privilege to serve as Associate/ Resident Pastor of Christ’s Oasis, North Campus respectively. She continues to serve faithfully with her maturing prophetic gift alongside her husband with his Apostolic gift. The family has learned to overcome many challenges in Ministry by totally depending on God’s ability to save, even in the last hour. Indeed, half has not been told! Be made manifest!

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  • Pastor Samuel Amoah

    Pastor Samuel Amoah

    Pastor Sam Amoah is an associate pastor at the Bolingbrook campus. His fire is fueled by seeing God do the impossible time after time.

    He and his wife have seen the power of God through their three miracle children, and he carries the message of God’s faithfulness and power in his ministry to the people.

  • Pastor Ebo Dadzie


    Ebo Dadzie is Associate pastor of Christ’s Oasis Ministries, where he works with all resident pastors and youth coordinators in organizing faith-based meetings and outdoor activities to keep the youth engaged and connected to Christ. Ebo Dadzie gave his life to Christ in response to an altar call made at a crusade in March 2006 at the University of Science and Technology where he was studying. He served as a leader in Assemblies of God Campus Ministry and is a founding leader of Home Builders Ministry Worldwide, only to mention a few. He was born and raised in Ghana but moved to the United States in 2010.

    He loves to work with young people, helping them express themselves in Christ. His desire is to draw students close to Jesus through relationship building and sound biblical teaching. He has a strong passion for prayer, healing and deliverance and an obsession to see Christians living the life that God has called us to. He believes in the ministration, manifestation and demonstration of the Holy Spirit in the modern-day church as an answer to the challenges of the believer and the world at large. He has a degree in Agriculture from the University of Science and Technology (Ghana), a diploma in project management from the Chartered Institute of Management Ghana), an associate’s degree in science from Chicago State University, and is currently a Doctor in Pharmacy. He is married to Emily Dadzie. They have three children, Eden, Elsie, and Eli.

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  • Evangelist Jenny Boachie Agyemang

    Evangelist Jenny Boachie Agyemang

  • Pastor Alberto Fermin Martinez

    Pastor Alberto Fermin Martinez

    Fermin Alberto Martinez was born in the city of Celaya in Guanajuato, Mexico. At the age of 18, Alberto, as he is popularly known, moved to the United States to further his education while living with his beloved sister Guadalupe. In 2009, Alberto met Rachel Gnassounou, a faithful and dynamic woman of God, who would later lead him to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. His relationship with Christ transformed him into a new man. In August of 2010, as destiny would have it, Alberto and Rachel were joined together in holy matrimony and they remain happily married. As Alberto started attending Church services regularly, his passion for God and desire to see His work done was displayed in all departments he volunteered in – the media and ushering departments, and the evangelism ministry.

    Alberto was so eager to reach lost souls with the gospel of Jesus Christ and so in 2016 when God inspired and directed his Pastor, Rev Dr. Isaac Paintsil, to start a Spanish Worship Service, there was no better person to call on to spearhead it than Fermin Alberto Martinez. In 2017, Alberto graduated from the Oasis School of Ministry. Together with his wife, Pastor Rachel Martinez, they currently serve as Pastors of Ministerio Oasis De Cristo in Mexico.

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  • Pastor Andy Mbuyi

    Pastor Andy Mbuyi

    Shaped in Heaven and born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kandenga Andy Mbuyi is a Christian brother and finance professional with several years of experience in risk management, business analytics and community leadership. He is currently living the Chicago land and he feels lucky to have met “his rainbow” Sandrine, with whom he serves the Lord and raise two children, Khaleb and Luke Ian. A recent graduate of Oasis School of ministry, he holds a Bachelor of Science in economics and pursues a master’s degree in business from DePaul university. Growing up in the D.R.C., a country holding tremendous riches, has certainly filled him with a pride. But the memories of his youth also remind him to be grateful for each day, hopeful for the future and take life with a little sense of humor. He is the second child amongst six siblings, and he grew up in a Christian home where his parents emphasized the importance of work, self-discipline and service to men and God. These values kept him close to the church when he had left the D.R.C. However, away from home and in a foreign land, he found favor from God in ways that began to affirm his faith and build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Andy has been a member of the Oasis family since 2009 when he relocated to the Chicago land. Although he is originally from a francophone background, he quickly found a divine connection with ministry and embraced the diverse family that God had sent him to. Since then, he has grown by his involvement. From the ministry of helps, he began as an usher. While an usher, he supported the evangelist, drama, French, and men’s ministry. His spiritual journey took a new turn when he joined the Christ’s Oasis Ministries’ North Campus. Soon after, he was trained to become a marriage counselor and he began to lead Bible studies. In the winter of 2017, he undertook the rigorous training of the Oasis School of Ministry to become more effective in supporting the mission of the church. Throughout the process, he discovered that life always comes full circle and God uses all its chapters, good and bad, to lead us into the destiny He has called us to (as we obey) with perseverance and patience for it is by grace through His Spirit, and nothing else, that God is at work both to will and do! Whenever time allows, He likes to hangout, share a good meal, travel, and meet new people, exercise or play a tune on the keyboard while Sandrine is singing.

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  • Pastor Fred Asante

    Pastor Fred Asante

    His passion is to serve in the Lord’s vineyard and win souls for the kingdom in preparation for the coming of Christ through the teaching of the Word. Together with his wife Nana Pomaa, they are blessed with a son, Jeremiah.

  • Pastor Gideon Barden

    Pastor Gideon Barden

    Gideon Barden is an elder at Christ’s Oasis Ministries. He was born in Kumasi, Ghana to prayerful and strongly principled parents, Joseph and Stella Barden. His parents left a lasting mark on him never to quit, as enduring the tough times will always bring corresponding joyous moments (Sor – Sor) that can only be blissful. He is one of seven children, having four sisters and two brothers. Gideon graduated from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with a B.Sc. in Agriculture (Horticulture). He later acquired certificates from American Counselors Association and Oasis School of Ministry in 2011 and 2017, respectively. Gideon Barden and his wife Evelyn Barden are known to offer counseling to those in their circle of influence – both far and near – as they always remind people of God’s original intent for mankind in marriage: in loving one another with a pure heart, spirit, mind and soul, the natural body learns to adjust accordingly.

    Gideon has also been involved in creating a conducive environment in which the youth, especially those from Africa, have a place and the atmosphere to continue their cherished passion of playing soccer. He is presently a member of the soccer club, Ghana Football Club (GHFC). Gideon strives to bring to the team the fear of God and a living example of how to live a simple but effective life full of respect and responsibilities with God as the center of every move you make on and off the field. They take the practicalities of Christian living to the sun-bathed turfs of Chicago city parks as they play competitive games with other young men around Chicago and the suburbs. Gideon, who has been called to ministry for the long haul, has enjoyed tremendous support from church, family, and friends, especially from his wife Evelyn Barden. Together, they are writing a book and have numerous gospel songs that are near completion. The leadership of Christ’s Oasis Ministries has tasked them to lead the start of Oasis Twi service in Chicago, where they live. They are prayerfully working towards what the Lord has promised He will do. The Lord has blessed them with four lovely children: Renney, Candice, Carlene, and Chery.

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  • Pastor Leslie Mensah

    Pastor Leslie Mensah

    Leslie Mensah is a dedicated member and the director of the media department of Christ’s Oasis Ministries. Leslie was the worship director of Christ’s Oasis Ministries for 18 years; a position he served in with so much passion and joy. Consumed with passion and love for his Lord and Savior Jesus, Leslie has dedicated his heart to see the gospel preached to many through music, and most importantly through his life as a follower of Jesus Christ. In his current position and role as the media director, Leslie seeks to extend the reach and impact of the gospel using different platforms of technology bringing glory to God. The two scripture verses that inspire him most are Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and Proverbs 18:16: A man’s gift shall make room for him, and bring him before great men.

    Together with his wife Shirley and four children, Carlton, Brandon, Terri and Tracey, they make their home in the south suburb of Matteson, IL.

  • Pastor Raphael Dogbe

    Pastor Raphael Dogbe

    Pastor Raphael M. Elias-Dogbe is an associate pastor serving in Chicago-campus. He is of proud multicultural background, having parents of Ghana and Togo descent. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and was baptized in his early adulthood in Hamburg, Germany. A dedicated member of Christ’s Oasis Ministries since 2004, he has served faithfully in various ministries before being ordained as pastor. Beyond his dedicated service of leadership and compassion that are touching lives in the community, he is best known for his divine gift of teaching, which he has stepped into as his true divine calling. Pastor Raphael believes that the gospel of grace must illuminate the saints to bridge the huge gap between the clergy and laity for Christ has not died in vain (Gal. 2:21).

    Pastor Raphael received a Diploma for Ministry at Morris Cerullo World Evangelism School of Ministers in 2005. After completing the Oasis School of Ministry in 2016-2017, he implemented his Capstone Project titled ‘Beyond Preaching, Teaching the Next Generation. He also earned a Bachelor Degree of Science in Nursing from Chamberlain University College of Nursing in Chicago, Illinois and works as a registered nurse in the United States. He is fluent in four different languages namely: French, German, English and his vernacular Ewe spoken in Ghana, Togo and Benin. He and his beloved wife Roseline Brechum-Dogbe, are blessed with three beautiful children Delanyor, Elorm and Amivi.

  • Pastor Roland Eble

    Pastor Roland Eble

    Yawo Roland Eble is an experienced business Professional with strong passion the Kingdom business as well. Roland is married to his beautiful wife Kafui, proud father of Joshua, Eliorah and Mathew. Roland is originally from Togo, West-Africa, relocated from Kansas to Chicago in January 2007 where he had a transforming encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. That experience made Jesus Christ the center of his life as he began growing in various departments at Christ’s Oasis Ministries under the leadership of Drs. Isaac and Cynthia Paintsil. Roland is a marriage counselor and an Associate Pastor on the Oasis North Campus Waukegan, IL. He is also an experienced Project Manager, a Change Management Practitioner, and a Certified Scrum Master. One of his heart’s desire is to remain a sanctified vessel in the master’s vineyard. To His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, be all the Glory!